For Peter

This is called Pete’s Pose – I chose that because my brother, Peter, does this all the time. He doesn’t agree with me on that, but trust me…he does.

Still finding my feet on these, I decided to add some semblance of skin to the skeletal frame. My parents were still a little ‘surprised’ that I was drawing skeletons, so the outline of an actual human helped cushion the blow I think. This muscular man was a real hit with my friends, most of them told me I had real talent at this point. 🙂 (Thank you, friends!)
Pete's Pose


This was still early 2014 art – it got less sketchy and more accurate later on, and honestly I miss it. I wish I could go back to this style but with art you have to go where it takes you! It was a phase, and it passed.

I do believe I am happy with Pete’s Pose.


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