My TimeTraveler

At this point I was fairly certain that I wanted to move on from organs and keep on the track I was on with the skeletons, bones, and structures. However, with very little practice and no previous history with drawing like this before, they are extremely ‘sketchy’. You can see in this rough sketch of my TimeTraveler (below) that it had to be smudgy and abstract. Look closely and you’ll see that the foot is a few wavy lines, no joints or bones defined at all; the hand is a garbled mass; it seems like I didn’t even bother with the other half of the poor guy’s limbs!

Explanation of this drawing: I wanted to try something new with the angles again (recall the hand drawing in the post previous). This is a picture of a man standing on glass – technically it’s a scanner that transports you through time (if you’ve ever seen the movie Timeline this may be easier to understand). So this view is looking up at him. The closest body part is his right foot, and his head is the farthest away.


Honestly it didn’t quite turn out how I was expecting…most people don’t really know what they’re looking at until I explain it. Again, it’s sketchy since I didn’t know what I was doing at this point, but all in all…

…I do believe I am happy with it.



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