Where it all started…

It all started when my brother, Peter, made some comment about how no one uses real hearts when they “love” something – it’s the clichéd heart-shape that has become famous. Anyway he said I should draw one and a month or two later I decided to crack down and do it. I was feeling particularly affectionate for Pete that night and figured I owed him one. So I researched the heart, found a good classic picture on Google, and sat down to a long night of insanely intricate work. It was WORTH IT! His reaction was priceless, and he even posted a picture on twitter to praise my work!Heart

Admittedly this is the not the best quality as he increased the contrast to the point where there is very little shading/detail left. But it’s the only one I have since I gave him the original.

I do believe I am happy with this one. 🙂


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