Like a prayer

This is my all-time favorite picture that I’ve ever done! In fact it’s still my phone background to this day.

Sure, it’s not perfect. Something I’ve come to accept. His hands are ill-defined (this is still early on) and there are lots of extra lines I should’ve probably erased, but I didn’t, and I love it just the way it is. 🙂

I like how this one came out a little darker than the others, almost like a pen-sketch. It shows my confidence (and maybe a little recklessness) at this point. I was growing with my experience.



I chose the name Prayers for obvious reasons, but there was something about the pure helplessness of the position, I wish now that I had put more thought into the title, something that conveys more than the surface.

Anyway, I do believe I am extremely happy with this sketch! 🙂


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