About the Artist

My name is Mary Squicciarini – I’m an artist.

I used to think I wasn’t good enough to call myself an artist, like the title had some criteria to it that I didn’t meet. I’ve come to accept the fact that I am an artist, and that doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes, that I don’t have to throw away some pieces that I create, of course I do! There’s always going to be imperfection, the point is to take it and keep working.

A lot of people think my art is gross, unsettling, or just plain weird. I agree, it’s odd – not every girl draws skeletons and organs in her spare time! But I do, so if you’re looking for more, either wait a few years until I’m bored of this, or look elsewhere. For now, this is my passion, and I plan to carry that with me for a good long while until it peters out.

Some people think my art is good, even great. My brother is a big encouragement since he also is a little out-of-the-box. I’m all for not conforming to the norms. I’m thankful for his feedback, whether it be good or bad, because I respect him, his tastes, and his decisions. Thanks Pete!

If you have a special request for me to sketch, please leave a comment somewhere or email me. If you want a print done I can work with you on materials, size, etc., just email me and we’ll work out the details. If you have any feedback (good or bad, I can take it!) please let me know, it’ll help me to focus my art on uplifting and interesting art for the public. Email address is: happyashumans@gmail.com


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