We interrupt this broadcast…

AGAIN…to bring you a random sketch of the lungs that I found. I don’t know why I didn’t lump this in with the other organs, for some reason I decided to wait a few months before taking on the lungs. Here they are, the pair of them, inseparable as ever:Lungs

I’m quite happy with this one, I enjoyed the different style of “cross-hatch shading” which was a little difficult at first, figuring out how I wanted to do it, but I think the overall effect was good. It’s hard to make them look contoured without the correct shading, so leaving the highlight patches without having to erase areas was a little change-up.

As an aside, around the same time as I sketched this my brother bought a phone-case with a set of lungs on it, something about The Fault In Our Stars, since he’s obsessed with John Green and his books. The movie is coming out soon I think, if you’re interested – I know Pete will be there. It’s about cancer patients (and patience!) if you’re into teen romance. 😛 Anyway it was the lung phone case that I thought was ironic, since I’d just sketched this.

I do believe I am happy with this one!


Inner workings

Still fascinated with the head and it’s components, I decided to give the ear a good try. This was a really good one – I loved getting back to the details! I can basically guarantee this is an accurate drawing of the human ear. It took me forever, but when I finished I proudly displayed it on my night-stand for days. Granted, no one saw it, but I’ve come to love it. No unhappy feelings about it, no “mistakes” continually noticed by the ever-critiquing eye. Just perfect the way it is.


Human ear


My Dad especially liked this one as he was a nurse and can appreciate the accuracy of the drawing. He recommended I illustrate medical books. I said ‘no’.

I do believe I am happy with this ear. 🙂


I wanted to try something a little different with the shadows – not just the shading that comes with curves and shaping – but the shadows inside us. I had already done the heart so I went to the next source of determination, and that’s the brain. What I was trying to show with this is the dark and light side that we all have inside us. The choice, the decision, the action that follows, they all fall into one side or the other.

Human brain

Human brain


When my sister, Julianna, first saw this she asked if that’s really how our brains looked – with a dark side and a light side. It would be so cool if they did! But no, this is a very loose depiction.

I do believe I am happy with this one, too. 🙂

Where it all started…

It all started when my brother, Peter, made some comment about how no one uses real hearts when they “love” something – it’s the clichéd heart-shape that has become famous. Anyway he said I should draw one and a month or two later I decided to crack down and do it. I was feeling particularly affectionate for Pete that night and figured I owed him one. So I researched the heart, found a good classic picture on Google, and sat down to a long night of insanely intricate work. It was WORTH IT! His reaction was priceless, and he even posted a picture on twitter to praise my work!Heart

Admittedly this is the not the best quality as he increased the contrast to the point where there is very little shading/detail left. But it’s the only one I have since I gave him the original.

I do believe I am happy with this one. 🙂