Calm in Chaos

My journey in yoga has been a long one, a one in which I’ve learned countless lessons. It has taken me through the lowest of emotional drags, and the greatest happy highs.

Not too long ago I heard a phrase during class that has allowed me to find space in my life no matter what is going on. Yoga is calm in chaos – that means that through good and bad, your mat is your escape, and it’ll always be that calm in the storm, your getaway to check yourself and emerge refreshed and refocused.

When my yoga instructor said, “…that’s what yoga is, it’s calm in chaos…” I was inspired to draw what it meant to me. I started simply by sketching out the basic lotus pose, seated, with hand in hand. It’s a settled, grounded, relaxed position that starts nearly every class:



That’s the calm. Then I started on the chaos – and this is not technically finished – I had hopes of doing a lot more but time escaped me and I signed and titled it before it got left behind in the back of my sketchbook for good.

Calm in Chaos

I’m very happy with it – I think it conveys what I felt, and still feel about the peace and serenity that I can depend on amidst anything and everything that’s going on around me. You can’t control any of that, but you can control yourself and your thoughts and feelings. Taking time to look inside, check yourself and your mental state can help you to find inner calm and strength in times when you really need it.

Stay focused, stay strong, and find the calm in the chaos.

I do believe I am quite happy with this 1st attempt! 🙂


We interrupt this broadcast…

…to explain how this next piece came to be.

I had actually been working on this for some time before I even started on the human body. I love mouths – they’re super-interesting, have about a million different expressions, and can convey so many different emotions!

Not “love” in a creepy way. Just fascinated.

So most of these are mine [#selfie], one or two are my brother’s, a couple of celebrities, and another one or two are people I know. The point was to catch different expressions so I had to be creative in order to find the right ones. I ended up with three extras which didn’t fit into the final piece, so I tossed them. This is all I’m doing on mouths (at least for now).


The originals (again, these are not the best quality) have more of a smudginess and smoky quality to them. Scanning and printing has rid them of some of that.

I can truly say that I do believe I am VERY happy with these. 😀