Jump for Joy


When you feel something, whether good or bad, no matter what it is, I firmly believe you should show it. Feeling sad? Show it – give others the opportunity to comfort you. Feeling stressed? Show it – maybe you can share your burden. Feeling confused? Show it – someone has the answer, if you just ask the question. Feeling overjoyed? Show it – allow everyone to celebrate with you in this great feeling! Spread the love!


This is my “jump for joy” sketch. I think it’s an incredible feat just to be able to do this (don’t try this at home kids!) but it expresses SO MUCH! I saw a shirt once that said “Happy People Dance”. How true. I mean, that’s not the extent of it, but I definitely believe that truly happy people will express themselves in some way, I think you should! Show your happiness, spread that joy, that energy! Let your life be a contagion of emotion.

Spread the love, people. You never know who’s watching and needs that affection.

I do believe I am HAPPY with this sketch. 😉


We interrupt this broadcast…

…to explain how this next piece came to be.

I had actually been working on this for some time before I even started on the human body. I love mouths – they’re super-interesting, have about a million different expressions, and can convey so many different emotions!

Not “love” in a creepy way. Just fascinated.

So most of these are mine [#selfie], one or two are my brother’s, a couple of celebrities, and another one or two are people I know. The point was to catch different expressions so I had to be creative in order to find the right ones. I ended up with three extras which didn’t fit into the final piece, so I tossed them. This is all I’m doing on mouths (at least for now).


The originals (again, these are not the best quality) have more of a smudginess and smoky quality to them. Scanning and printing has rid them of some of that.

I can truly say that I do believe I am VERY happy with these. 😀