human frame

What your shoulders can bear

I felt like doing more than usual tonight. I wanted to show Plow pose, but also the next step from there – Shoulder Stand. I personally love both of these poses, it’s sort of my test to new yoga studios. If they do Plow at the end of class, it’s got my thumbs up! 😉

So the drawing on the left is what I started with, really small and simple, just trying to show what the idea is. The right shows full Shoulder Stand. Well, I think you’re actually supposed to support your back with your hands, so there isn’t so much pressure on your neck and shoulders. But I forgot that, so I drew it incorrectly – oh well!

As a side note, this type of pose is called an ‘inversion’ (for obvious reasons), and it’s really healthy! It’s good to reverse the blood flow, get things moving around, send some blood to the ol’ brain. It helps increase your circulation, too, so give it a shot.

Your Two Shoulders

As I’ve mentioned before, getting back to the sketchy-ness I once had, and so far I’m really happy with the way things are coming out! I love the darkness of it – there’s so much more to look at when your eye almost has to search for it. Adds character, too, I think. Question, if you care to answer: is it giving new character to the skeleton, or is it my own character being imputed to the page?

So that’s it, Plow and Shoulder Stand. As a warning I think I’m going to bring this yoga series to a close soon. It’s a vast collection that is ever growing, but I don’t think I’ll get to finish all of the poses, at least not right now. I want to let my mind take me on its own track as I am inspired by the events in my life, rather than sticking with the yoga idea for longer than my attention span can take it. At some point I’m bound to get sloppy or careless, and I want to keep these drawings fresh and new! We’ll see what’s next…

I do believe I am happy with this set.


For Peter

This is called Pete’s Pose – I chose that because my brother, Peter, does this all the time. He doesn’t agree with me on that, but trust me…he does.

Still finding my feet on these, I decided to add some semblance of skin to the skeletal frame. My parents were still a little ‘surprised’ that I was drawing skeletons, so the outline of an actual human helped cushion the blow I think. This muscular man was a real hit with my friends, most of them told me I had real talent at this point. 🙂 (Thank you, friends!)
Pete's Pose


This was still early 2014 art – it got less sketchy and more accurate later on, and honestly I miss it. I wish I could go back to this style but with art you have to go where it takes you! It was a phase, and it passed.

I do believe I am happy with Pete’s Pose.