I’m just a beach bum

I did some traveling at the beginning of March which postponed a few sketches. However, my second trip of the month was to Vero Beach, Florida to visit my grandparents. It was a fantastic vacation away from the busy-ness of life, and I welcomed the warm weather.

Life on the beach is slow – which I can appreciate – so I was very grateful I had chosen to bring along my sketchbook. 🙂 Whilst getting the first tan of the year I sat in the sun wondering how I was supposed to draw something without a subject. Note that I’m usually googling images and using them as my subject. Without my laptop I was sort of at a loss. So I decided to give it my best shot and try to IMAGINE my skeleton. I simply drew what I felt, and, being fairly familiar with the skeletal structure by now, it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be!

This is my first “blind” sketch (a self-portrait, if you will) titled “Beach Bum“. You’ll catch me in this position 90% of the time. 😉
Beach bum

Juxtapose this with the correct posture one should have when one is sitting about doing nothing:


That’s Lotus pose, or seated pose, or whatever you decide to call it. Very straight, but settled. Nearly every yoga practice begins with this pose while you concentrate on breathing. I start every morning this way, too, and it works wonders. I force everything but a prayer out of my mind and begin the day with deep breaths of gratefulness. It’s good to focus on positive thoughts first thing in the morning, rather than the natural negativity that comes with early mornings [especially following late nights].

I highly recommend implementing something similar into your own routine. I do believe I am very happy with this one. 😀



It’s kind of a funny story

So here’s a funny anecdote to share…

One day I was visiting my artist-sister, Christine, and, being very excited about my new-found love (and some would say talent) for art/drawing/sketching, I ventured to show her a few of my favorites.

She freaked out! She was like, “Ewwww, they’re JUST BONES!”…

Challenge accepted. 😉

When I told my brother, Peter, about it he immediately said I should draw JUST SKIN. Now, obviously no one has ever tried this before so it’s not like I could just look it up on the internet and copy it down on paper. I had to get creative. Pete didn’t mention whether he wanted it to have any muscle/tissue in there as well, so I did it twice. The first is with muscle, which gives it some structure and form. More of a big blob that could somewhat resemble a person if it had a little help I think. The second interpretation is without anything inside, so naturally it’s quite flat and void:



Yeah, they’re really odd-looking. 🙂 I had fun with them though, and I think my brother was satisfied. He tweeted a picture of the second one since, apparently, that’s more along the lines of what he was picturing (thanks for the guidance, bro).

I never showed the pictures to Christine, but if she ever finds this blog she’ll probably be sufficiently grossed-out. 😉

I do believe I am happy with this fun little project.

Of fairytales

You have probably caught onto the fact that my brother and I are very close. He has a way of making me feel like I owe him sometimes – it’s a little infuriating, but I don’t mind.

So one day we were researching mystical creatures or something, I don’t quite remember why, and he asked me to draw a mermaid. Since they’re imaginary (my personal belief) it was really hard to find a picture or anything to go off. Where the human stops and the fish begins is difficult to define. Even when it seems obvious on the outside one has to focus on the inside. “Are there hips?” and “Is there a pelvis?” are really the big questions. Alright, enough excuses, this is what I came up with:


Honestly, I wish I had made it longer/taller. If you’re going with fantasy, go all the way! I plan to do another one, possibly more dramatic, maybe with a bit of a different take on how it should look…we’ll see.

I’d like to take this opportunity to note that if you’re seeing the dates on these pictures, yes, some of them are out of order. I did a lot at the beginning of 2014 and it’s hard to remember which came first. The points remain, I had no experience, I was learning anatomy as I went along, and my style developed over the short time that I’ve been sketching. We’ll see where it leads…

I do believe I am happy with my impression of this mystical creature.