It’s a Stretch

Inspired by the ballet photos I’ve been filing lately I decided to do one a little less danceย and more about the life behind the dancer. Everything I can think of takes practice – at least the things I admire. The ballerina can’t do the dance the routine without the endless hard work; the yogi can’t take scorpion without dedicated practice — everything takes time and effort. It’s a growth, a constant process.

So this is a glance at the stretching, the building, the patience that is developed behind that perfection.

Ballet stretch


And the prettiest thing to me in this sketch is that it is so imperfect. ๐Ÿ™‚ Every time I look at it I see another flaw – but I’m not fixing it. It’s a conscious decision to be satisfied. It’s accepting that my work is where it should be at this moment – if I draw it again, it will be different, it may be better in some areas, worse in others, but it’s the best of its kind right here and now.

Remember that every decision is a building block, accept it for what it is and work up from that foundation.ย 

I do believe I am happy with this one.


Getting started

After the heart sketch went over so well I was asked to keep going – I followed it up with a quick sketch of teeth. It was odd, I’ll give you that, to follow an organ with a [slightly creepy] artistic interpretation of the skeletal jaw/teeth/root system. It’s not accurate, which I like. Give it a break with the accuracy! Time to have some fun!



Who needs noses anyway? This unfinished sketch reminds me of the asymmetry in life and the fact that imperfection can be intriguing and exciting. Note how he’s smiling.

I do believe I am happy with this one. ๐Ÿ™‚