It’s kind of a funny story

So here’s a funny anecdote to share…

One day I was visiting my artist-sister, Christine, and, being very excited about my new-found love (and some would say talent) for art/drawing/sketching, I ventured to show her a few of my favorites.

She freaked out! She was like, “Ewwww, they’re JUST BONES!”…

Challenge accepted. 😉

When I told my brother, Peter, about it he immediately said I should draw JUST SKIN. Now, obviously no one has ever tried this before so it’s not like I could just look it up on the internet and copy it down on paper. I had to get creative. Pete didn’t mention whether he wanted it to have any muscle/tissue in there as well, so I did it twice. The first is with muscle, which gives it some structure and form. More of a big blob that could somewhat resemble a person if it had a little help I think. The second interpretation is without anything inside, so naturally it’s quite flat and void:



Yeah, they’re really odd-looking. 🙂 I had fun with them though, and I think my brother was satisfied. He tweeted a picture of the second one since, apparently, that’s more along the lines of what he was picturing (thanks for the guidance, bro).

I never showed the pictures to Christine, but if she ever finds this blog she’ll probably be sufficiently grossed-out. 😉

I do believe I am happy with this fun little project.