rib cage

Reluctant Warrior

My personal trainer, Braze, calls me the Reluctant Warrior. 🙂

That has nothing to do with this next picture. Well, a little – the name of this pose is “Warrior 2”. There are several warriors but 1, 2, and ‘peaceful’ are all sort of the same basic flow. My favorite is Warrior 2, so that’s why I chose to draw it out.

Warrior 2

Granted, again, he’s a little short. I don’t know what it was but the whole series started out with some unfortunate proportional errors. 😦 Anyway, Warrior 2 is so straight and arrow-like, with arms stretching as far as they’ll go in either direction! So powerful, so grounded, so ready. It’s a beautiful pose, really.

I like the way it turned out, especially the rib-cage. That’s actually fairly accurate. Sometimes I tend to go a little crazy on the ribs, and either put way too many, or make them too circular, when they tend to slope down toward the bottom. Still hadn’t mastered the fingers or feet but, what the heck? That’s not the focus, is it?

I do believe I am quite happy and satisfied with this little warrior.


My Archimedes

As promised, this is The Thinker. I really like the lighting on this one, which was totally an accident! I think I was trying to cover up the fact that he’s definitely missing legs. 😮

You can tell at this point I was getting very detailed, actually erasing my mistakes. Similar style to the Prayers sketch. Both represent my favorite period of work – I’m so in love with the way they each turned out!

The Thinker


Isn’t he great? I don’t particularly know why I like it so much. His eye came out really well and his nose doesn’t look like a pig, maybe that’s it.

The name comes from the obvious – The Thinker sculpture, by Le Penseur – but I’d like to do something more with it. Maybe down the road I’ll do another one with legs…we’ll see.

I do believe I am happy with this one, as he’s one of my favorites. 🙂



Ahh, this is one of my favorites! This is called “Taken” – it’s meant to give the impression of a soul being taken from the mortal cage of a body. Hence the drastic pose of the skeleton. I’m aware there are no legs or hands but the idea is there and I think the abstract-ness of the missing limbs helps with the illusion of a quick release.



I do believe I am very, very happy with this sketch. 🙂

This mortal frame

This mortal frame – yes. The rib cage was my next attempt (success!). Also the first sketch of something related to bone, which was a huge step!

I’m extremely satisfied with the way this turned out. I drew and smudged the picture a LOT, then erased sections to add highlights.
Rib cage

This was my first publicized piece (aside from my brother’s occasional twitpic). I posted it on Instagram since I was so happy with it, and it got a good handful of ‘likes’ – yay!

I do believe I am happy with it. 🙂