Well as I mentioned, I think I’m done with my yoga series. That was brought to a close with my last post which depicted Crow. Not bad, if I do say so myself. 😉

I still haven’t really found my niche on the next subject – I have a few ideas that I’ve played around with, but they’re not finalized yet. More to come…

In the meantime, I dug around for some old material. This is actually a self portrait I did a while ago, working from an Instagram photo I took during the first snow of that year. Don’t remember which year…

My face, myselfI actually blew the photo up on my laptop and traced the outline of my face (cheating, I know!) since I wanted to work off of something I could count on as accurate. Hey, it worked! It took me days to finish this, but I really like how it turned out. I played with a few different styles and techniques – you can see it was almost comic-book-esque with the cheekbones and some of the hair; the face is over-exposed and intricately accurate; the coat is sketchy and almost pen-like; I used a messy child-like coloring method on the hair, but kept the rest of the shading crosshatched; erased for highlights, as I was taught in art class so many years ago. 🙂

I wanted to give the impression of snow and wind since that was what the picture dictated, but it’s really hard when you’re drawing it! The hair that’s in front of my face is the obvious choice, so I tried to make it almost transparent, wispy, disappearing.

It does look a lot like me, so that’s a plus. The overall style isn’t my favorite, but it was fun and I like to look back and see where I came from as my style transitions.

Overall I do believe I am very happy with my first real self-portrait. 🙂



We interrupt this broadcast…

AGAIN…to bring you a random sketch of the lungs that I found. I don’t know why I didn’t lump this in with the other organs, for some reason I decided to wait a few months before taking on the lungs. Here they are, the pair of them, inseparable as ever:Lungs

I’m quite happy with this one, I enjoyed the different style of “cross-hatch shading” which was a little difficult at first, figuring out how I wanted to do it, but I think the overall effect was good. It’s hard to make them look contoured without the correct shading, so leaving the highlight patches without having to erase areas was a little change-up.

As an aside, around the same time as I sketched this my brother bought a phone-case with a set of lungs on it, something about The Fault In Our Stars, since he’s obsessed with John Green and his books. The movie is coming out soon I think, if you’re interested – I know Pete will be there. It’s about cancer patients (and patience!) if you’re into teen romance. 😛 Anyway it was the lung phone case that I thought was ironic, since I’d just sketched this.

I do believe I am happy with this one!