urdhva mukha svanasana

What’s up dog?

We’ve finally reached it, the more current drawings! After my mom and I recently joined a new gym we’ve been grateful to go to yoga classes together. I’ve always loved yoga, and have practiced for some time on my own (not seriously or regularly, but enough to be familiar with the poses and comfortable with the concepts).

Getting back into yoga with regular practices two or three times a week has made all the difference in the world for me! I feel great, energetic, loose – it allows me to let go of any and all tension – I LOVE IT!

So, inspired by how I feel and how excited I am to be back in practice, I decided to start a yoga series. The first one that came to mind was Upward-Facing Dog (or more familiarly, Up Dog). I guarantee you’ll see this in any basic class you try.
Up Dog


I don’t really know what went wrong with his head, I’m a little dissatisfied with that, and he does appear to be on the shorter side…oh well, it’s a done deal.

You’ll please note the eyes: at this point I decided that my skeletons needed more life to them, to represent more than a hollow soulless frame, to be more. So [since I can’t do real live people with skin to save my life] I decided to make the eyes heart-shaped moving forward. You’ll see that most, if not all, of my sketches after this will have the heart-eyes. I think it adds a touch of peace and serenity.

I do believe I am happy with this.